Global leader in stem cell therapeutics and cord blood bank business

    • Sector : Stem cell therapeutics, Biotechnology
  • Intimax Inc.

    Global leader in equipment design and manufacturing for semiconductor, display and electronics

    • Sector : Semiconductor, Display, Electronics
  • Movensys

    Global leader in motion control software for industrial automation

    • Sector : Industrial Automation, Software
  • Biginsight

    Korea's leading Martech solutions company providing in-depth analysis and customer insights in the fast growing e-commerce vertical

    • Sector : Software

    Leading pan-Asian cross-border logistics platform serving e-commerce industry

    • Sector : Logistics Platform, Software
  • iText

    Global leader in PDF software, specializing in large-volume B2B applications

    • Sector : Software
  • Hancom WITH

    Korea’s leading player in mobile forensic software solution

    • Sector : Software
  • Alpha Plus

    Global leader in ultra-high vacuum technology specialized in evaporation source and vacuum systems in OLED, and semiconductor fields

    • Sector : Display, Semiconductor
  • WINS

    Korea's leading player in network security, with growing prescence in Japan

    • Sector : Network Security, Software
  • Dongah Geological Engineering

    Asia’s leading civil engineering company specialized in underground construction works including tunnelling (Shield TBM) and onshore, offshore ground improvement (DCM, Diaphragm-wall)

    • Sector : Civil Engineering
  • Seonghyun Tech.

    Global leader in micro-scale CNC equipment used in 3D NAND manufacturing

    • Sector : Semiconductor, Material
  • Hanmi Semiconductor

    Global leader in back-end semiconductor equipment

    • Sector : Semiconductor, Equipment
  • Sangshin Electronics

    Korea's leading manufacturer of EMI noise filters for global home appliances makers

    • Sector : Electronics, Component
  • Seojin System

    Korea's leading metal processor serving mobile, telecom, semiconductor, and battery industries with production in Vietnam

    • Sector : B2B Service, Contract Manufacturing
  • NC Chem

    Global leader in photoresist for 3D NAND memory

    • Sector : Semiconductor, Chemical
  • HPSP

    Global leader in high-pressure annealing equipment for semiconductor

    • Sector : Semiconductor, Equipment
  • Model Solution

    Asia's leading prototyping company serving global IT/Mobile, Medical, Robotics, Industrial customers

    • Sector : B2B Service, Prototyping
  • Dongah Chemical

    Korea's leading producer of polyurethane(PU) and thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU)

    • Sector : Chemical
  • Hancom

    Korea's leading office software company

    • Sector : Software
  • Solueta

    Global leader in EMI shields for electronics devices

    • Sector : Electronics, Material